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Soar Above the Island in a Helicopter

The views from above the Big Island are some of the most incredibly diverse and interesting landscapes in the world…

To really appreciate the ecological diversity and vastness of this Island until you’ll need to experience it from a helicopter tour. The experience of seeing the island from a bird’s eye perspective is enthralling and will likely be the highlight of your trip.

As the helicopter soars high above the unique Big Island terrain, so does your spirit. You’ll see nature in creation mode at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where aerial vantages of the volcanic creation of earth, with its incredible lava formations are seen. If flows are active, you’ll hover above an once-in-a-lifetime view of them. Inside Kilauea, the Halema’uma’u Crater may be erupting, a spectacular to view. There are also many other volcanic areas impossible to access except by air, including towering waterfalls, the deep valleys on the Hamakua Coast, majestic Waipio Valley, the verdant North Kohala valleys and mountains, and much more.

Your safety and comfort are the top concerns for helicopter companies, which are FAA regulated. Enjoy the roomy seats and panoramic views through large windows. State-of-the-art headsets cancel out engine and rotor noise, some allow your pilot to describe the landscape, history and legends of the island. Some companies allow two-way communication with the pilot and will direct your attention to special points of interest and hover over some sights. Helicopter tours vary in duration, route, with most offering between 30 minutes and 90 minutes of flying time.


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